In 2018, I am looking at what the Bible speaks about being a true disciple of Christ. A simple definition is one who follows another with the goal of imitating their behavior or becoming more like them. A true disciple of Christ is one who is trying to become more like Christ.

While that is a simple definition, the Bible makes clear what a life lived like this looks like. I will be examining these characteristics throughout the year.

Some may say, “Why is this important to me?” Most people have parts of their lives they wish they could change. If there was one person you could be more like who would that be? Many people know other’s lives they would like to have, such as sports stars, movie stars, rich people, but who would they like to actually be like? Whose life would give them a better, more satisfying life? (No, a rich person’s money is no guarantee of a better life, no matter how tempting it seems.)

Consider: In David Lodge’s novel Therapy, the main character’s therapist asks him to make a list of all the good things about his life in one column and all the bad things in another. Under the good column he wrote: “professionally successful, well off, good health, stable marriage, kids successfully launched in adult life, nice house, great car, as many holidays as I want.” Under the bad column he wrote just one thing: “feel unhappy most of the time.”[1]

So, whose life would you desire to be more like? Jesus said “I came to give life—life in all its fullness” (John 10:10, NCV) This year we will be looking at what a life like this looks like and how one lives it.

[1] David Lodge, Therapy (New York: Viking, 1995), 23.

Advent Season begins Sunday, December 2nd. This year we will be looking at the symbolism in some of the Christmas traditions we embrace such as the Christmas tree, the star placed on top of the tree, the lights, the bells, and gifts.  These traditional elements found in Christmas decorations can remind us of the truths about Jesus. Being mindful of these symbols can help us keep Christ in Christmas. Reminding ourselves of these truths also helps us embrace the celebration of Christmas as well give us hope and strength for daily living.